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Continuous workplace monitoring provided by ES3G and asktheworkers based on worker voice - delivering HRDD at scale for supply chains.

Get our app from the Google play store.

The app is completely free to use. Click the button to get the app.

Our app helps your workplace to provide and maintain good and fair work conditions for you and all the workers at your workplace.

Use our app anonymously and safely to tell us how you are treated at work

It takes a minute to run the app - you can run it every day.

Please aim to run the app at least twice per week.

​If your workplace has agreed and provided you with login details, you can use our app to tell us about how you are treated at work.

You can use our app anywhere at anytime including during your free time. Using our app means you can also win prizes and rewards.

What you tell us is anonymised. Your answers to our questions cannot be traced back to you. It is safe to tell us your views.

We combine your answers with the answers of all other workers at your workplace. We anonymise them all to understand how your workplace treats its workers.

We share generalised information about how workers are treated with your workplace and with their customers.

We need you to continue answering these questions regularly so that we can track and report on any changes in your working conditions.

Our app only works if your workplace agrees to use it. If you would like your workplace to use our app, please ask them to contact us at ES3G.

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